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Become a Friend!

The Friends invite you to become a member and contribute some of your time, energy and financial support to this dedicated non-profit organization. Any fund donated or bequeathed to the Friends will be used at eh donor wishes or if there is no specific pan the gift will be used for the benefit of the park where the need exists. The Friends’ funds are flexible whereas State appropriations are budgeted for specific used. Membership fees and gifts to the Friends also have tax advantages because the Friend of Nickerson State Park, Inc. is a non-profit corporation.

Buy a Tree!

The Friends and park staff will help you pick a tree or bush that is native to the park and its surroundings and will plant it for or with you! The park has been hit by many winter storms in the past few years and has lot many trees. With your help we can keep the nature of the park by planting trees and keeping a habitat for wildlife and keeping a wonderful place for all of us to enjoy!!

Join Us for a Show!

The Friends offer events throughout the summer that range from live Magic shows, to Animal shows, to Stump the Ranger, where you can ask our very own park Rangers any question you can think of about the park!! All Programs are free to the public but the Friends will not say no to a small donation to keep the programs going and help the park staff keep the park beautiful!



PO BOX 964


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