The Friends of Nickerson purchaced $1200 in Red Cedar Trees and Inkberry bushes to plant in the park to divide sites, so that sites were more private and had boundries


Friends of Nickerson continues to fund popular weekly family programs in the park. They are sometimes educational, sometimes just for fun . Generally our programs have an audience of around 70 - 90 campers. We also fund supplies for the Nature Study Center which is now funded full -time through the camping season and other supplies that keep the park comfortable for everyone.

We also accept memorial gifts and plant trees in memory of those who love the park.


The locals will remember this one! Back in 2005 the Contact Station at Nickerson State Park (where you would normally check-in or ask questions) burnt to the ground, and then the December 2005 storm came threw; together there was over $1 Million in damage. The Friends of Nickerson...